Synthesis of the radiographic edge of a convex object



Nowadays none of the available equipment are useful for extracting the radiographic edge of a convex object. Although there are several freehand drawing programs, outlining the convex objects is an extremely laborious task, and unlikely to be fulfilled.  Furthermore, performing manual contours of an object may be highly subjective and lead to errors. 


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This project was aimed at the radiographic edge extraction process with the purpose of making it much easier, quicker and more reliable. It was dedicated to providing an adjustable initial contour of a convex object.


Aplicações e público alvo

• Extraction of radiographic heart edge.

• Measurement of cardiac area.

• Medical image processing companies.

• Fuji, Kodak, AGFA, Osirix.

• Veterinary and health scientific researches, and higher education.


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Parceiros: DPI-INPE; FAPESP.

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