Chemically Modified Polynucleotides and its Production Process



Adipose mesenchymal stem cells are promising tools for clinical applications in cellular and regeneration therapies, in view of easiness of extraction and high amount of isolated stem cells per mass of tissue. The classical protocol to extract and purify these cells, depending on plastic adherence and xeno-materials rapid  solution for physicians to use mesenchymal stem cells inside a surgery room, by using a method that are able to purify the cells in a clinical viable time, with purity and no contact with contaminants.



-Use the aptamer technology  for  developing high-affinity and specificity  synthetic ligands for stem cells.

-Transplantation of aptamers in preclinical  studies.

Safety tests and use of aptamer-purified aptamers in clinical trials



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Surgery for  cellular therapy, i.e.  Isolation of stem cells from human adipose and transplantation  during a single session of treatment.  Target : hospitals and companies focussed on stem cells and cellular repair.
Isolation and in vitro culture of mesenchymal stem cells.

In vivo imaging of stem cells.



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